Essential Aids For Daily Living For Adults

Gone are the days when seniors in India had to depend entirely on children and family for basic needs. Many Indian seniors are financially stable, socially active, and more educated about health and well-being.

As you age, your bones and joints weaken. Some tasks need more effort, while others may seem close to impossible. But getting older does not mean that life gets more complicated. There are many home health products or daily living aids that can help with all tasks, great and small. These aids provide the necessary addition to make that hard-to-do task much more accessible and lead to day-to-day improvements, efficiency, and productivity.

Adult Walker

While moving out and about, the elderly need rest now and then. This is especially true for those suffering from joint pains or arthritis, where standing for long periods can strain the body. An adult walker is a portable, lightweight assistive device with a small retractable seat that makes trips to the grocery store or a walk to the park easier and worry-free.

Overbed Table

In hospitals and nursing homes, overbed tables are a great invention providing an easy-to-move table surface permitting people to eat in bed. Some elderly are bed-bound or have restricted mobility, restricting them to beds and chairs. Overbed tables are the absolute solution to provide a surface to place food, drinks, etc. It is an easy, suitable, and considerable addition to everyday living for those constricted to their beds for expanded periods.

Lightweight Wheel Chair

A heavy wheelchair can be bulky and hard to push, leaving the pusher feeling weakened after a long transport day. Lightweight structures and designs are absolute for everyday transportable wheelchairs that need to be pushed around rather than self-propelled. This particular lightweight wheelchair also features a seatbelt, ensuring safety. Removable leg rests and calf support to help with transfers and user comfort are great ways to ensure user satisfaction and pusher approval.

Shower Chair

Showering can be a threatening activity when falling is a factor. A shower chair provides a seat that one can use directly in the shower. Shower chairs are made with high-quality materials that won't rust, allowing them to be used underwater continuously. Rubber, non-slip feet of the chair seat ensure that the chair is shower friendly. These height-adjustable shower chairs offer safety and mobility with integrated arms to help with transfers and backrests, providing back support.

Reacher Gripper

Daily activities can become complicated, time-consuming, and painful when you have trouble bending down and picking things up. Reaching can become almost impossible for people suffering from painful backs, stiff hips, and mobility problems. A Reacher Gripper Stick is a beautiful little tool that provides extra encouragement to help grasp and pick up a product that might be out of reach.

Walking Stick

A walking stick is a simple and successful method of providing support for anyone who experiences difficulty with walking. A walking stick is readily available and comes in various sizes and designs, making it uncomplicated to find one that suits your adult's circumstances.

Bathroom Aids

Bathrooms are particularly unsafe for adults because of the combination of hard surfaces, water, and soap which all increase the likelihood of accidents for anyone who is not secure on their feet.

There is a range of bathroom aids available on Medical Source that can help make bathrooms safer.

Alarmed Sensor Pad

For several people, it is necessary to monitor their sitting to ensure they aren't falling off their seats and hurting themselves. They can use alarms in situations like these to alert family members of a person moving off their chair. A bed sensor pad alarm is a great, easy-to-use system that combines a seat mat with an alarm. The mat is placed on the seat surface, and internal sensors are programmed to sense a change in pressure on top of the mat.

Commode Bucket

Commode Buckets are a handy product for senior citizens who have difficulty with mobility. They can supply a portable toilet, a transfer seat between chairs, toilets, showers, and an over-toilet aid. Pots and pails are connected to commodes when using it as a portable toilet. It includes a lid and an easy-to-grip handle for easy transport.

Pill Organizer

A pill organizer is a convenient way to organize each day with what pill or vitamin you will take and at what part of the day you will take it. This container can hold pills for different times of the day (morning, noon, evening, and bedtime) for every day of the week.


Daily living aids like bathroom aids, mobility aids, etc., are excellent, life-changing solutions for so many individuals. They offer support and assistance in many areas to ensure your daily life isn't affected by any impairments or issues you may have. Medical Source stocks and supplies many home health products, explicitly helping and assisting the elderly. For more information on any products mentioned above, visit our website.