How To Pick The Best Diapers For Your Newborn?

Some parents spend a fortune on diapers only to end up with a baby who is irritable, uncomfortable, and cranky! As babies can't convey their feelings, it's up to parents to figure out their little one's needs.

There are several types of baby diapers to choose from. It can be enormous to consider all the different types and decide which is finest for your baby, especially if you're a new parent. Whether this is your first baby or you've had one or two before, you know that diapers are one of the essential accessories you'll need to have for the newborn baby.

If you're a new parent shopping for a diaper for baby for the first time, you must realize that not all diapers are made the same. Some diapers put on features like:

    • Fasteners:

Fasteners will vary depending on the brand of diaper you buy. Some brands still use tape to fasten diapers, but many diaper brands have switched to velcro fasteners. Velcro fasteners are better than their tape counterparts because they're less likely to lose their sticking power.

    • Contoured fit:

Not all diaper brands will have a contoured fit, but most do nowadays means that the diapers have an elastic piece around the waist and legs that will help prevent leaks and keep your baby comfortable even as they grow.

    • Lotion:

A few disposable diaper brands put petroleum-based lotions in the liner of their disposable diapers. Some diapers even have light fragrances to keep your baby smelling fresh.

    • Stretchy sides:

Like elastic waists and legs, stretchy sides help diapers fit a baby's body, keep your baby comfortable, and help stop leaks.

    • Wetness indicator:

Wetness indicators are handy features that alert you to when your child needs to be changed and will keep you from guessing and help keep your child comfortable, as you'll be able to change them as soon as needed.

    • High Absorption:

Absorption is essential when buying the perfect diaper for baby. High absorption capacity will lead to no leakages and keep you worry-free and your baby. It will also help your baby have an uninterrupted sleep through the night.

    • Thin and Lightweight:

Thick diapers make it difficult for babies to move around. To ensure that your babies can enjoy a fun and boundless fun time, pick thin diapers for a baby with high absorption so your baby can move around freely and enjoy their fun time. Thin diapers from Medical Source are also easy to carry in baby diaper bags while you’re planning an outing with the family.

    • Soft and Breathable:

Rashes are one of the significant concerns that moms tend to worry about while choosing baby diapers. Ensure that you choose highly breathable diapers which allow the air to pass through them, which would ultimately lead to causing no rashes. Diapers from Medical Source are among the top baby diapers with 10 million* pores for easy airflow, causing no rashes, and keeping your baby happy. You can also check our website for more baby care products and home health products.

Disposable vs. Reusable Diapers: Which Is Better?

Parents have long debated which type of diaper is better: disposable or reusable. There’s no right or wrong answer, and both sides have valid points. It comes down to personal preference.

Disposable diapers offer efficient absorption, but this feature can do both good and harm to your child. While these diapers often keep your baby's skin free from contact with their messes and are more convenient for parents who would prefer to spend less time changing diapers, they often make it harder to monitor how much your child is urinating and can make noticing signs of dehydration difficult.

Cloth diapers may be more comfortable than disposable diapers. They may also help prevent diaper rashes. On the downside, cloth diapers tend to be less absorbent and will require more frequent diaper changes.


Apart from all the above-mentioned vital features, the size and weight of the baby also play a huge role in choosing the perfect fit for a baby diaper. Different diaper size is to be used on babies having different weight. Instead of stocking up on one size of diapers, it is better to keep weighing your baby every few months and size up when the current diaper is too tight.

We want to offer the best diaper for baby, unlike ordinary diapers available on the market. Figuring out which is the best one for your baby's soft and sensitive skin, Medical Source is here to help you with an ultimate guide.