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Although receiving a diabetes diagnosis can be frightening, you are not alone. Our guide for persons with diabetes who have just received a diagnosis can help you locate the health facts you need to know right now, such as advice on taking medications, buying diabetic care products, developing better eating habits, finding social support, and more.

It might feel overwhelming because diabetes is a big deal. But it is not something that cannot be managed. With a little help and support, you can have your old life back. Let's go through a few things you should know as a new diabetic.

1. What To Do Once You Are Diagnosed

Your doctor is probably advising you to improve your lifestyle by eating healthier meals and exercising now that you have diabetes. By routinely checking your glucose levels, you may be inspired to monitor your blood glucose (blood sugar). Additionally, your doctor could advise undergoing annual exams and testing and taking particular actions, like brushing and flossing your teeth more frequently.

Wondering how you'll fit these new tasks into your day can feel overwhelming. Inhale deeply before starting to make adjustments one step at a time. You can successfully manage your diabetes care and adopt a healthy, active lifestyle over time.

2. Inspect Your Health Plan

Finding the finest and most reasonable health plan that will cover your diabetes-related drugs (if you need them) and diabetes health care products, such as a glucose meter and test strips, is crucial because diabetes may be expensive.

Include your care: The sums of insurance payments, deductibles, and copayments, as well as which healthcare providers' services are covered and where they differ between the group and individual health plans. Be ready to elicit questions.

3. Create Your Diabetes Eating Plan

Despite the fact that diabetes treatment programs differ, they all contain a healthy eating plan, exercise, monitoring, and support, as well as the majority of drugs. The core of your treatment strategy is your diet and exercise regimen.

Food? Activity? Testing? Try to relax first. Most people discover that they don't need to drastically alter their lifestyle. Simply keeping track of your actions will get you started. When, what, and how much you eat should all be noted. Keep a journal of your physical activity. After then, perform a blood glucose test to determine how these things have affected your blood glucose.

Think about working with a registered dietitian. A strategy and set of rules that suit your lifestyle can be developed with assistance from your registered dietitian or diabetes educator.

4. Develop a Plan for Physical Activity

Your healthy food plan is the ideal complement to physical activity: You get energy from food, and exercise can help you burn it off! The American Diabetes Association advises adding weight training (pushing, pulling, and lifting) two to three times a week and accumulating 30 minutes of aerobic activity, such as walking, on most days.

Three forms of activity should eventually be included in your physical activity plan:

  • Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise that is good for the heart and lungs (walking, biking, swimming, dancing, stair-climbing).
  • Strength and resistance training (lifting, pulling, pushing).
  • Flexibility and stretching.

Every action you perform can enhance your general well-being by:

  • Lowering blood glucose levels.
  • Improving insulin sensitivity, which is the same as assisting your body in making better use of the insulin you are still producing.
  • Reducing blood lipid levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides while raising HDL (good) cholesterol.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Promoting the maintenance and decrease of weight.
  • Increasing flexibility, stamina, and strength.
  • An increase in energy and positive emotions.

5. Know Your Diabetes Supplies

Here is a quick list of the tools you regularly use to manage your diabetes:

Blood glucose meter: Find out if a free meter is offered or if your doctor recommends a monitor. If not, find out if your health plan covers these products and inquire about rebates.

Blood glucose test strips: Obtain a prescription from your doctor before purchasing these, as they are pricey. A certain number of strips might be covered, depending on the health plan.

Lancing device: Used to collect blood samples for test strip purposes. (Your meter often includes one of these.)

Lancet: A needle for the lancing device.

Syringes/Pen Needles: For injectable medications like insulin.

Sharps container: To store used needles and lancets. You can use a bottle of laundry detergent or bleach made of hard plastic with a lid.

Medical identification: A card, bracelet, or necklace.

Food, activity, and blood glucose journal, record book, or a mobile app: To assist you in monitoring your diet, activity, stress level, and medication intake, as well as the impact each has on your blood sugar levels. Additionally, it will help your doctor advise you on how to manage your diabetes.

6. Create A Care Schedule

If you have just received a diabetes diagnosis, you probably have many questions, such as What tests and checkups should I have? Should I have them when? What is typical?

To manage your diabetes, you'll need to undergo a few examinations and tests, some when you're first diagnosed and some on a regular basis. Diabetes complications can be reduced by early detection, prevention, and treatment. Customize your diabetes treatment plan with the help of your primary care practitioner, taking into account any personal objectives. Mark your calendar and schedule these preventative examinations and tests in advance!


Keep in mind that it's crucial to pay attention to your emotions. Take action if you realize that you're feeling irritated, worn out, or unable to decide how to manage your diabetes. Inform your loved ones, pals, and medical professionals. They can assist in getting you the assistance you require.

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