If any item you wish to order is available on another website at a lower price, we will match that price at the time of the original purchase.

What is eligible for the Price Match guarantee?

The item found at a lower price will be matched if:

The item is:

  • new
  • in stock
  • sold by an authorized U.S. retailer

The lower price:

  • is current
  • includes shipping and taxes
  • is full price
  • does not apply to membership or subscription programs

How do I request a Price Match?

If all of the above requirements are met, simply call us at 888.995.490.0220 or email us at info@medicalsource.com with proof of the better price. Please have all the details available so we can assist you fully.


Note: Medical Source reserves the right to change or stop the Price Match Guarantee program at any time.