mobility aids

Mobility is among the crucial aspects of considering a person healthy. There are so many factors that affect a person's mobility, including orthopedic or neuromuscular impairment.

Therefore, mobility equipment is available and issued by doctors or physical therapists if a person faces difficulties while moving. Mobility aids are gadgets designed to improve the mobility condition of a person with mobility impairments.

The primary purpose of these aids is to provide support to people who are facing moving difficulties. Mobility devices help people with mobility impairments gain confidence and encourage them to live independent lives by improving their functional capacity.

Throughout this article, we will go through the benefits of using mobility aids and read about the different kinds of mobility assistants available.

What are the benefits of using mobility aids?

Mobility aids are a kind of mobility medical equipment that provides several benefits to the patient facing mobility impairments, either for the long or short term. Along with disabled people, these aids can be used by senior citizens who have had an amputation. These aids strengthen them by being their support system and reduce their fear of falls.

In order to improve their walking pattern and to make patients balanced, this healthcare product is issued to them by physical therapists and doctors.

Choosing mobility medical equipment that fits you perfectly isn't a walk in the park. Here we have listed a few mobility devices which might help you in your process of finding your mobility companion and will meet all your requirements.

What are the different kinds of mobility aids available?

Several kinds of mobility aids are available in the market. One should use aids as prescribed by their doctor or physical therapist. Variations in medical aids are due to the various issues and injuries in the human body. One should choose mobility devices according to their injury and needs.

For people who all are suffering from moving impairments and looking for a mobility companion, here are some of the options listed below:

1. 4 Wheel Rollator McKesson Red Folding Steel Frame

Rollator McKesson has an eye-catching appearance and a steel body. Users can choose either a reddish or bluish one according to their choice. Users can independently handle and adjust angles. 4 Wheel Rollator McKesson's comfortable and functional design handles make them easy to grip and reduce hand pressure.

The folding hinge design makes this model more convenient and increases its transportability. Its hinged padded backrest is removable, easy to adjust, and has a contoured design, making it more comfortable. Polyurethane material is used in its padded seat for durability and comfort. McKesson's Rollator also includes hand brakes and a loop lock system as a safety feature.

2. Clever-Lite Walker w/Seat & Push-Down Brakes

Clever-Lite Walker is designed in such a way that it is embedded with wheels on the base of the legs that allow the user to slide it rather than lift it. It might be relaxing for people with limited arm strength due to this fantastic feature. This rollator supports weights up to 300 lbs and consists of rear glide push-down brakes. Its rear glide push-down brakes add safety to your Wheeled walker.

Wheels make the walker glide smoothly on the surface without applying a large force. The model includes a flip-up seat feature that allows individuals to be seated comfortably. Dual levers make this walker foldable and portable. Clever-Lite Walkers are among the most stable walking aids which balance patients more efficiently. 

3. Panther Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Scooter

Panther Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Scooter is eco-friendly equipment. It has a warranty of 24 months on electronics and 12 months on batteries. This 4-wheel scooter consists of a padded seat and foldable armrests, enhancing its comfort. Generally, scooters are easy to use, safe source, and comfortable to drive. 

One-touch, infinite tiller adjustment allows users to attain driving position easily. LED lights are there to increase the visibility level, usually at night. A large plastic basket is fitted in the front of the scooter. Electromagnetic brakes along with Dynamic Rhino 2 120A controller are also embedded. Panther Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Scooter also has a USB port to charge your mobile devices.

4. Airgo ProCare IC Aluminum Crutches

Airgo ProCare Crutches usually transfer the weight to the upper body from the legs. Crutches are easy to use, lightweight, comfortable, and affordable. These aluminum crutches are anodized and allow smooth cleaning. At the tip of Airgo ProCare Crutches, a curved stair deflector is added, which prevents the crutch from becoming lodged.

Curved stair deflectors also increase stress tolerance at all surface contact points. It features thicker underarm padding to reduce the pain and has easily washable grips. Airgo ProCare Crutches with anodized aluminum make them durable, resistant, and sturdy.

5. BlueJay Folding Cane with Pistol Grip

Cane is helpful if you are facing balancing or stability problems. BlueJay folding cane makes you walk more comfortably and confidently. Here's our BlueJay Folding Cane which is foldable and easy to carry as it comes with a plastic clip. A plastic clip allows this to be hung when not in use, putting less strain on your hands.

It comes with a pistol grip handle, enhancing hand and wrist posture. This folding cane is built with extruded aluminum tubing, making it lightweight, corrosion-proof, and strong. Nowadays, various fashionable canes are available to make you look fashionable. BlueJay folding cane will upgrade your style and support you by being your companion.

However, we can't cure a person suffering from a mobility disorder immediately, as this process takes time. But we can reduce their pain using mobility equipment. If you are still struggling to find aids that suit you perfectly, you can visit Medical Source to get a variety of choices.

These medical equipements are available online from where customers can easily place orders. You can contact our support system for any queries related to these products. It is always available during working hours. Mobility aids help you in gaining confidence and make you independent. Medical Source is the distributor of a wide range of home healthcare products. Their target is to connect quality products to your caring hands.