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XFlex Kinesiology Tape

  • 4-WAY STRETCH: You want your athletic tape to have maximum flexibility! Xflex’s 4-way stretch design was created to give you the incredible support that you need but without compromising your mobility. Whichever way you move, your kinesiotape will move with you.
  • REDUCE PAIN AND SWELLING: When you need to get back into the routine, muscle and joint injuries can be a real pain. There’s no need to be sidelined, X-flex kt tape can help reduce tissue pressure caused by swelling and the pain that goes along with it. It also helps support strained muscles, joints, and tendons (including Achille’s tendons), allowing you to avoid overexertion of injured areas and giving your body a chance to heal.
  • SOFT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Dealing with injuries and inflammation can be painful, you don’t need a kinesiology tape that adds to your discomfort. The good news is that Xflex’s kinetic tape is made from soft, lightweight fabric that keeps you comfortable and doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to muscles, joints, and tendons that are on the mend.
  • WATER REPELLANT: No time for slowing down, you need a body tape that can keep up with you wherever you go—even in the water! Xflex will stick with you through showers, swimming, sweat-filled workouts, and even hot yoga. Specifically designed to support through daily life as well as sports, this fabric athletic tape is made for maximum sweat and humidity resistance.
  • BREATHABLE DURABLE FABRIC: One of the biggest downsides to sports tape is skin irritation due to natural moisture coming from your body and getting trapped between the tape and your skin. With Xflex, that is no longer a concern. Not only does this medical tape repel water, it’s breathable material lets moisture evaporate and prevents any skin discomfort or irritation from occurring.
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