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Midmark-Treatment Cart

by Midmark
Option 1

In a perfect world, we'd always have just t he right amount of space to accommodate all of our needs. In the real world, we have to make do with the space we have. Midmark Synthesis mobile treatment cabinets are designed to be a flexible, efficient and aesthetically pleasing storage option. Midmark's designs allow you to have easy, direct access to supplies where you need them most without taking up valuable floor space in the care zone.
Midmark's specially designed Kydex top eliminates areas where bacteria and viruses can get a foothold, making the cleaning of spills, dirt and germs easier. Also available with optional Soft Edge Bumper or Soft Edge Handle tops
The Midmark M4 Mobile Cabinet comes standard with the Serenity Panel Style, Flare Handles and 60mm Casters
Dimensions: 24"w x 18"d x 33"h with (3) 4" Drawers and (1) 8" Drawer
Cabinet Options include Locks, 4" Quiet Casters for use on hard floors and Organization Accessories.Call 800-860-4716 to discuss all of the options and accessories available
Combine with matching Midmark Synthesis Casework, exam and procedure tables , lighting, exam stools, and seating
Contract pricing available for GPO's and Large Installations
Midmark is Made in the USA

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