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GMAX Industries

GMAX Industries

GMAX is a manufacturer of medical disposable products for the healthcare industry.
Our portfolio includes products of Patient Bedside Plastic for Hospital and Long Term Care - Urinal, Bedpan, Wash Basin, Emesis Basin, Emesis Bag,
Pitcher, Carafe, Tumbler, Specimen Collector, Triangular Graduate, E/U Syringe, Medicine cup, Denture Cup. Measurement & Collection For Hospital and Lab. - Specimen Container, Commode Collector, Calculi Strainer,
24 hour collection container, Intake Tumbler, Triangular Graduate, Beaker, Spouted Container,Lab/Stool container.

Components of Custom Procedure Tray for Hospital and Tray Packer - Surgical Gown, Surgical Drapes,
Surgical Towels, Surgical Sponges, Gauze Sponges, Specialty Sponges, Needle Counters, Equipment Covers,
Stick Sponges, Wing Sponges, Surgical Tapes, Bandages, Syringes,
Sponge Bowl, Compartment Tray, Ring Basin, Placenta Basin, Medicine Cup, Guild wire bowl for Surgical use,

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