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EKF Diagnostics

EKF Diagnostics

EKF Diagnostics is a global medical manufacturer of point-of-care and central lab devices and chemistry reagents including hemoglobin tests, HbA1c tests, glucose and lactate tests.

EKF also manufactures and distributes products associated with COVID-19 pandemic.  PrimeStore® MTM is manufactured in the USA by EKF on behalf of Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics. PrimeStore MTM (Molecular Transport Medium) is an FDA-cleared sample collection device which deactivates viruses including COVID-19,  influenza A, influenza B and mycobacterium tuberculosis allowing safe sample handling and transport, greatly reducing risk of infection to healthworkers, couriers, and lab technicians. 


EKF is also a distributor of COVID-SeroKlir, an ELISA based test developed by Kantaro Inc. that detects the presence of IgG antibodies and provides a precise level that can be used to benchmark patient well-being. COVID-SeroKlir received FDA Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) in November 2020 and is also CE marked.

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